lil' song
     door blimey! (rockgroep uit helmond)
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1998 : contradictory nature & the struggl
 door blimey!
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i don't mind : blimey!
i gotta go : blimey!
is that really me? : blimey!
i've tried : blimey!
j.l.e. : blimey!
just like a woman : blimey!
key to the secret : blimey!
king h. : blimey!
l.o.l.i.t.a. (dolores) : blimey!
la maschera del demonio : blimey!
less summer than some : blimey!
lil' song : blimey!
livin' without you : blimey!
lonely liar : blimey!
mary and the cruel world : blimey!
mary-ann (marianne) : blimey!
mike and johnny : blimey!
mike and johnny (will they part too?) : blimey!
moonchild (in memory of y.r.) : blimey!
most definitely out of line : blimey!