b.b. king   (1925-2015) 
     blueszanger/gitarist  ||  usa  ||   meest aktief van 1950 - 2010
15 songs door b.b. king geschreven
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days of old : eric clapton
it's my own fault : cuby & the blizzards
paying the cost to be the boss : b.b. king
power of the blues : gin house blues band
rock me, baby : cuby & the blizzards
sweet little angel : cuby & the blizzards
ten long years : eric clapton
the thrill is gone : b.b. king
the thrill is gone : andre hazes
the thrill is gone : gin house blues band
three o'clock blues : eric clapton
waitin' on you : livin' blues
when my heart beats like a hammer : eric clapton
worried dreams : livin' blues
worried dreams : john the revelator